Japan Desk Can Tho – The bridge for effectively investment promotion

In order to achieve the objective of providing informations, initial assistances for Japanese investors inquiring the investment environment of Can Tho city; promoting the image of the city to Japanese organizations and business community, in September 2017, Can Tho City has established Japan Desk.

Since the establishment of Japan Desk,  investment promotion activities to Japan market in the past two years have been well-prospering. Japan Desk enhanced to provide information, implement support activities, solve difficulties of Japan enterprises in the city; create favorable conditions for investors in investment and business operation. Besides, Can Tho city People’s Committee has issued 10 commitments of Chairman of the City People’s Committee to Japanese enterprises and investors in Vietnam – Japan Industrial Park.

Accumulated to the end of 2019, Can Tho City has 08 FDI projects from Japan, the registered capital of 32.18 million USD focusing on the fields of trade, production, IT,… ranked 6th among countries with large investment capital in Can Tho.

The establishment of Japan Desk Can Tho with the consultation of Japanese experts contributed to promoting investment promotion activities, promoting cooperation between Can Tho city and Japanese partners, aiming to build Can Tho city as the central city of the Mekong Delta in terms of economy, culture, education and health.

Source: CPA